Saturday, July 4

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I think Karen O is really amazing.


She's that kind of quirky that you know is real and not manufactured. She can incredibly pull off having microphone sex (mi-cro-phone sex: performing sex-like acts with a mic/mic-stand whilst on stage; an act usually provoked by complete immersion in song, or perhaps alcohol), affectionately spitting and spilling beer at her adoring fans and wearing ridiculously insane get-ups. Unlike some...

who obviously try too hard, and fail - epically. I used to feel ambivalent when it came to Lady Gaga, but now... I can't stand the sight of her and the likes of Katy Perry and all the other pseudo-indie artists who are clogging up our radio stations and television screens.

Lady Gaga needs to wipe that Ziggy Stardust adaptation thunderbolt off her right cheek. After hearing her confess in an interview that The Backstreet Boys are inspiring, I highly doubt that David Bowie would honestly be one of her musical idols. And, Katy Perry placing herself in the same caliber as Lily Allen instantaneously makes me dislike her. Irl, she is a boring, unoriginal twentysomething who would have been paired against the likes of Britney Spears if she weaseled her way into the music industry 10 years ago when "indie" was probably still actually independent from the mainstream.

I can only be grateful that there are still some female artists out there that aren't completely corrupt; the aforementioned Karen O and Lily Allen, Alley and Claudia Deheza and Regina Spektor... but, maybe not Jenny Lewis, 'cos she is pretty damn annoying.

- V

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melbournefashionaddict said...

I abosutely agree with all that you've mentioned. A great first post. I must say you have changed my mind about Lady Gaga and I never followed Katy Perry to begin with. You must create a selection of music for me to listen to. Welcome to a bloggers world.
- N