Saturday, July 25

Stephen Dattner

A few weekends ago, in a dirty discount second-hand clothing store that smelt like 1982, I found a dreeeam. Amongst all the racks of rags maxing $8.00, there it was - a genuine vintage Stephen Dattner deep burgundy and chocolate brown fur wrap-around. For $40.00. It was in immaculate condition; it was just perfect. And, although I was attempting to put all my pennies towards paying off my irresponsibility in going well over my usual phone bill limit, I just couldn't leave it sitting in that dirty discount second-hand clothing store, running the risk of it falling into the hands of a teeny bopper with an affinity for fake denim tights. So naturally, I bought it.
I've been pining over another fur piece to add to my wardrobe for a while now. It's things like this that make me believe that the Law of Attraction isn't bullshit. Thank-you universe!
Will post photos soon.

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