Sunday, July 5

who is david bowie?

Quirky and characteristic- an amalgamation of pop and music hall

Creator of the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men"

"It's time we were united and stood up for our curls" - David Bowie 1965.

A dramatic arts student who performed in avant-garde theater, and mimed.

Major Tom - an astronaut who slips through the barriers of the material world and finds himself beyond the stars

An androgynous "man who saved the world"

Ziggy Stardust- an out-of-this-world alien figure masqueraded as a human attempting to warn the world of it's end. Ziggy Stardust was presented as the epitome of a rock star, and the rock star lifestyle- immersed in an excess of drugs and sex.

Proto-punk pioneer in "Diamond Dogs"

The cabaret-esque and cocaine fueled Thin White Duke

Or, Neoclassicist Bowie- collaborating with The Polyphonic Spree, Television and The Arcade Fire.

I'm not sure which. But he is pure genius and the pioneer of many genres and scenes. And I really would like these Proenza Schouler boots in my wardrobe...

- V

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I particularly like this second post. I yearn to acquire more knowledge on this Bowie fellow. You must teach me more about his man named David.