Thursday, October 1

environmentally friendly fashion

hello bloggers and lurkers,

so i have this new marketing assignment, well actually it's not technically new, i've had it for about 5 weeks and just decided to start working on it... and it's basically a strategy rehaul (of my choice and discretion) for an australian printing company whose recently developed into an environmentally dedicated and responsible company through using cleaner production methods, recycling efforts and making ties with 'green' associates like WWF etc.

aaaanyway, they are relatively successful, but would like to become even more so, but are unsure how. so far the problem's diagnosis is that they are doing all the right things, just not in the correct way - if that makes any sense. targeting clients who are already environmentally-minded or looking to improve their corporate social responsibility seems like the way to go. and in my opinion, the industry looking the most promising in terms of sustainability and progressiveness is the beauty, textiles and fashion industry.

so to narrow down my excessive, boring blurb, if anyone knows of any fashion labels, beauty companies and so forth (preferably Australian or at least having a subsidiary in Australia) who are heading towards a greener image, please let me know :) I know that L'Oreal has been pushing the issue lately, so any companies in the same caliber would be great.

to anyone who has managed to read all of this - you are brilliant.



Aroha said...

The body shop could possibly be a good option for beauty but the first 'green' label that came to mind was minty meets munt from Sydney. They used to have a lot of info on their website about how the campaigns they were involved in etc but the website has changed. But I know from shopping there that they do not give out plastic bags, alot of things that come into the the store in terms of packaging is recycled and they give a certain percentage of their profit to the rainforest trust. Im sure if you email them and ask for info they would be more than happy, the owners are sooo lovely!


Jowy said...

I have notin to do at the office today its so quiet , so i could easily run through ur post, yayyyyy im brilliant! whahahhaha

One Love,

natasha said...

The clothing brand Gorman are and/or looking at becoming more ethically and environmentally friendly. xx

Anonymous said...

i read it but couldnt think of any! i gave you an award on my blog :)

ACE said...

thank-you all! i have looked into all your answers and they were wonderful, thanks guys you're all amazing