Monday, October 12

music for the hips down

anna from made-the-cut.blogspot.com (check it out!) tagged me a while back, so here's 10 interesting/perhaps non-interesting facts about me

1. my role model is elliot reed - to be like that psycho-crazy-neurotic-amazinglyattractive-one-woman-freak-show is my life ambition. seriously.
2. i absolutely hate over the top public displays of affection, whether it be right in front of me, or over the internet, it makes me sick. stop eating face on the escalators, at stop lights, in the elevator, at the movies, in the bank teller line and stop pda-ing all over facebook!
3. i think denim tights are probably the worst invention since the high-five simulator
4. even worse than denim tights, are people who wear band tshirts without even liking/listening to the band - "I don't know who the Ramones are, I just reckon the tops cool" - gtfo, now.
5. i hate routine, i hate the fact that soon enough i'll have a full-time job
6. i wish i was born in another time, preferably growing up in the 70s
7. i'm a walking contradiction. eg: i'm not an animal lover at all (except for kittens), but i think it's wrong to kill animals so you can skin them and wear them around your neck, but i have a mink fur throw that i intend to wear the shit out of
8. my boyfriend and i are scarily similar
9. i love bike riding, i would definitely do it more if i lived in brunswick where biking riding is a lot more socially acceptable
10. i am ashamed to say it, but i was in BoyTown as an extra and dancer. if anyone has seen the movie they will know why, definitely not Australia's finest film.

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with number two, three and four. cool facts XX