Friday, November 20

in the words of casiotone for the painfully alone, 'tonight was a disaster'

it kind of went just like the song...

you went out with your best sweater on
with every intention of dancing till dawn
but when the dj played that song, it all went wrong
crying in the cabride home
with frank sinatra on the radio
but it might as well have been lil kim
when every song you hear still reminds you of him

and you'll say that it's no big deal
but it's the shake in your voice
that gives it away, how you feel
and you couldn't slam the door any faster

and you'll say that it's no big deal
but it's the tears on your face
that give away how you feel
and you'll say tonight
tonight was a disaster

but maybe not as melodramatic or melancholy.
you know when you just have high expectations and then it kind of all goes to shit
these messy nights feel fun in neon lights but as soon as the buzz is gone and that ever so punctual cold hard reality hits, it really doesn't feel so glamorous

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