Wednesday, February 24


oh my god! i was lucky enough to see enter shikari and taking back sunday play at billboard last night. fuck, it was amazing. i even think enter shikari outshone tbs just a little bit...
enter shikari are this insanely talented yet unsigned UK band who are fucking geniuses that play a mix of electronica and hardcore and are just so fucking charming and they encouraged all these crazy circle pits and i was just like oh my god you are crazy cool.

adam lazzara waved at me from upstairs when he was watching enter shikari play, i think i'm ready to die now. i was swooning all over the place, he did all these crazy microphone tricks, threw it up in the air whilst wrapping it around his neck, swinging it in peoples grillz, you name it. they were pretty great but they didn't play a good mix of songs. majority was stuff from their new album, which isn't as good as albums past. but whatever, i'm still buzzing!

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